Vivliostyle Developer and User Meeting 2019 Summer was held!

(The original article is “Vivliostyle 開発者とユーザーの集い 2019 夏 開催しました!” in Japanese)

Saturday, August 31, 2019, Vivliostyle Developer and User Meeting 2019 Summer (in Tokyo) hosted by Vivliostyle User Group and Vivliostyle Foundation was held in cooperation with the JAGAT XML Publishing Study Group. Thank you to everyone who participated and cooperated!

Presentation materials at the event are available:
(all presentations are in Japanese)

Part 1: Vivliostyle Developer Meeting

I just organized Vivliostyle issues into projects by issue category using GitHub Projects - vivliostyle. So I asked the meeting participants which projects were important (multiple answers). The results were:

Part 2: Vivliostyle User Meeting

Tweets on the event

Blog articles by event participants