Event report of “Vivliostyle User/Dev Meetup Autumn 2021”

Vivliostyle User / Dev Meetup 2021 Autumn

(The original article is 「Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2021秋」開催報告 in Japanese)

The semi-annual “Vivliostyle User/Dev Meetup Autumn 2021” was held online on November 14. The slides and a summary of comments from the day (by yamasy1549) are available at the following page.

In addition, videos of each presentation are available on our YouTube channel as follows.

This time, the start time was delayed by about 30 minutes due to my poor setup. Also, due to this, I was not able to get the questionnaire that I had planned for Ayumu Takai’s presentation, which left me with many things to regret. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone who applied for participation and the speakers.

I was impressed by Zaslon’s point that “the information on the official website of Vivliostyle is only describing the application, not the CSS typesetting itself”. Certainly, from the user’s point of view, the information on the official website seems to be biased. Just a few days ago, I had a conversation with Founder Murakami saying, “We are achieving the initial development goals for Vivliostyle.js, so let’s work on the spread of CSS typesetting as the next step”. It’s a good opportunity, so let’s think about what we can do.

I also felt that the code reading that our old friend Kojima-san talked about was very important. One of the issues we’ve been facing in Vivliostyle lately is that the only committer for Vivliostyle.js is Founder Murakami. If we don’t solve this problem, sustainability will be a concern. The only way to do this is to start by getting as many people as possible to read the source code, even if it seems like a detour. I realized that what we need now are measures to support that.

The next meetup is scheduled for next year, Spring 2022. By this time, the beta release of Vivliostyle Pub should have started. Stay tuned to see what announcements we can make!