Spring 2022 meetup and release of Vivliostyle Pub alpha version

Spring 2022 meetup and release of Vivliostyle Pub alpha version

(The original article is 2022年春ユーザーイベント開催とVivliostyle Pubアルファ版の公開 in Japanese)

Holding Spring 2022 meetup

Sorry for the delay in reporting, but our annual meetup was held online on April 23.

The program for the day was as follows (The link in the title of the program is to the video recording).

Especially precious was the presence of guest sci-fi novelist Taiyo Fujii, who demonstrated his own galley workflow using Vivliostyle for PDF output. His case study was also discussed during the free discussion session ”April 2022 Developers’ Meeting“ in the latter half of the day, where the committers had a lively discussion about possible improvements.

Vivliostyle Pub alpha version is now available!

Another important event of the day was the announcement of the alpha release of the Vivliostyle Pub (see screenshot above) by Representative Shinyu Murakami.

Anyone with a Chrome browser (PC version) can use this service free of charge. Please also take a look at the User’s Guide below, which outlines how to use the system.

This product has been in development since the year before last. We are delighted to have reached this first milestone. Of course, the alpha version is only the first step. Vivliostyle Pub still has many challenges to overcome. We will continue to work on the next milestone, the beta version. Please support us.