A book explaining Vivliostyle is released!

Cover of Vivliostyle book

(The original article is Vivliostyleの解説本が発売!in Japanese)

A book that describes what you can do with CSS typesetting

The first book which explained Vivliostyle, “Making books with web technologies: Introduction to CSS typesetting and Vivliostyle” is published commercially (a link to the e-bookstores is at the end of this article). The author is Yuichiro Otsu of LibroWorks, an editing production company with a strong IT background. Mr. Otsu has been a speaker at our “Vivliostyle User / Dev Meetup” events many times.

As you can see from the video of the event, Mr. Otsu’s strength is that he can present “You can do this far with CSS typesetting!” This is the book he wrote, so if you want to learn practical techniques, this is the perfect book for you. Let’s first look at the table of contents of the book.

  • 1章 VivliostyleとCSS組版
    • 1節 CSS組版ってどんなもの?
    • 2節 Vivliostyleってどんなもの?
    • 3節 Vivliostyleを導入する
  • 2章 CSS組版ハンズオン
    • 1節 大まかな紙面を設計する
    • 2節 フォントを設定する
    • 3節 見出しのスタイルと改ページ調整
    • 4節 紙面上の要素を細かく調整する
    • 5節 PDFを書き出す
  • 3章 MarkdownとVFM
    • 1節 Markdownは難しくない!
    • 2節 Markdownの書き方
    • 3節 HTMLや数式を混ぜて書く
    • 4節 知っておくと便利な原稿執筆Tips
  • 4章 Vivliostyle CLI
    • 1節 複数のファイルを連結する
    • 2節 Vivliostyle CLIのさまざまな機能
  • 5章 CSS組版テクニック集
    • 1節 まずはここから! 必須の基本技
    • 2節 難易度中! ちょっと高度なテクニック
    • 3節 難易度高め! いろいろ組み合わせた複合技
  • 6章 入稿データを作る
    • 1節 印刷のための最低限の基礎知識
    • 2節 Vivliostyleのみを利用した入稿
    • 3節 DTPソフトを組み合わせた入稿
  • 7章 Vivliostyle Pub
    • 1節 Vivliostyle Pubの概要

This book begins with an overview of CSS typesetting and Vivliostyle, which makes it possible, in Chapter 1, followed by an explanation of CSS for CSS typesetting in Chapter 2, and then the actual writing of Vivliostyle Markdown (Vivliostyle Flavored Markdown) in Chapter 3. In other words, if you have read this far, you will have a practical understanding of how to create a book using Markdown and CSS typesetting.

Generous disclosure of techniques unique to CSS typesetting

However, the true heart of this book is chapters 5 and 6, where the mastery of CSS typesetting really comes into its own. I was very surprised to see how far CSS typesetting can take us.

  • Nested heading numbers and hanging indentation, set at a gyou-dori.
  • Shift the side indexes used in dictionaries, etc., by chapter.
  • Generate a stretchable image column frame.
  • Places an inline SVG image at any coordinates on the page.
  • Back matter layout using CSS Grid.
  • Generate conversational speech balloons in any location or space.
  • Generate an elaborately designed table of contents.
  • Overlap the background, etc., into the bleed area.
  • Generate afternotes, footnotes, and sidenotes.

The greatest appeal of this book is that it generously discloses the above techniques unique to CSS typesetting.

In addition, at the upcoming 「Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2023春」 on May 28, Mr. Otsu will be sharing his CSS typesetting techniques as well as promoting this book. We look forward to seeing you there. Also, you can find an introduction and sample pages of this book on the following pages of LibroWorks.

This book is now available at the following and other e-bookstores. Please purchase a copy!