Vivliostyle version 2018.8.100 released!

We have released Vivliostyle version 2018.8.100. This is the first release after the open source Vivliostyle’s organization change.

This release includes following changes:

  • Page navigation UI improvement
    • Swipe support on touch devices
    • Add buttons for move to first/last page
    • Hide the previous/next page arrow when there’s no previous/next page
  • Omit &f=epubcfi(/2!) in URL at first page
  • Support CSS Logical properties
  • Bug fixes

For more detail, see Release notes.

We also updated Vivliostyle Viewer User’s Guide, which has the following contents:

  • How to use (on local environment, or online Vivliostyle Viewer)
  • Specifying the HTML file to be displayed in Vivliostyle Viewer
  • To display an EPUB
  • To specify multiple HTML files
  • To specify page spread view mode
  • To specify additional style sheets
  • How to Print/Save as PDF from Vivliostyle Viewer

In addition, our organization got a new name, Vivliostyle Foundation.