A New Beginning for Vivliostyle

Vivliostyle was founded as a startup company on a vision for bridging the gap between the web and the world of printing. To this end, the company worked on an open source project, among other things.

Responding to its business needs, the company has evolved, and “other things” have become dominant; open source products are no longer at the core of its strategy.

Therefore, as of February 16, 2018, Vivliostyle-the-company has decided change its name to reflect its updated strategy, and to transfer control over Vivliostyle-the-opensource-project to former members still interested in pursuing the open source project.

For more details about the company, please consult trim-marks.com or contact [email protected].

As Vivliostyle is no longer affiliated with a for-profit company, we’re moving it from vivliostyle.com to vivliostyle.org. Going forward, the “Vivliostyle” branding (including the github organization, social media accounts, etc) will exclusively be used by the open source project.

We would like to thank the management of Trim-marks Inc. for letting the project continue on its own path and under its original name.

Going forward, we expect to focus on (in rough order of priority):

  • Setting up automated testing and continuous integration, to track the latest web standards test
  • Making on boarding for new users and new contributors easier
  • Working on interoperability and fixing compatibility bugs
  • Keeping up to date with the newest web standards
  • Integrating better with the ecosystem (npm, docker…)
  • Experimenting with new layout solutions and bringing them to standardization

If you’re interested in helping this (and more) happen, make sure to get in touch!

Find us on:

Stay tuned for more!