Event report of "Vivliostyle User/Dev meetup autumn 2020"

(The original article is 「Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2020秋」開催報告 in Japanese)

Recently, on October 24, we held an online event, “Vivliostyle User and Developer Meetup - Fall 2020.”

We live streamed the event on our YouTube channel. Including the day of the event, 446 people watched it until a week later! This is a record number of people since Vivliostyle began, and I can’t help but feel the anticipation and enthusiasm for CSS typesetting.

Movie and slides from the day’s presentations are available below.


Part 1 Vivliostyle Today

Part 2 Vivliostyle Use Cases

  • [Japanese] A story about using Vivliostyle to created a thick doujinshi(Miko-Yuchomovie slide
  • [English/Japanese] Rapid publishing for public health books against COVID-19(Simon Worthington)(With background information and subtitles by Murakami Shinyu)movie Wiki
  • [Japanese] The story of the production of a commercially published title, “Understanding Regular Expressions through Manga”(Otsu Yuichiromovie slide

Part 3 Expanding World of CSS Typeetting


[Japanese] Q&A session movie

Akabeko-san, who was also a speaker at the event, reports on the day’s events on her blog. He wrote a very detailed and well-written summary of the event, including background information, so please give it a read.

Finally, I’ll give you some publicity. we’re hosting our monthly developer meeting online on Sunday, November 8. We will discuss how we can develop the Vivliostyle products you saw at the event. Everyone is welcome to attend, so just come and watch.

The URL will be announced on the day of the event on the #general channel on Slack. Of course, Slack will be open to the public, so please take a look at it.