Updates on Vivliostyle—Improved CLI and CSS Paged Media support

Vivliostyle’s recent significant updates include improved preview functionality in the Vivliostyle CLI and enhanced support for the CSS Paged Media specifications.

Vivliostyle CLI’s preview improved: Vivliostyle Viewer integration

Starting with Vivliostyle CLI v3.2, the preview feature has been replaced with a full-featured Vivliostyle Viewer instead of the classic simple previewer. The main improvements and benefits of this change are as follows:

  • Improved usability, including spread view mode, page slider, and navigation through the table of contents panel
  • The displayed location is now retained without returning to the first page when reloading by updating the manuscript file.
  • User style sheets can now be specified to change the page layout when typesetting existing Web or EPUB content.
  • No need to install Vivliostyle Viewer separately, or set up a local web server to use it

For information on how to install and use the Vivliostyle CLI, see the Vivliostyle CLI User Guide.

For detailed updates, see Vivliostyle CLI changelog.

Improved support for the CSS Paged Media specification

With the recent Vivliostyle.js (Core) upgrades (v2.4–v2.8), support for CSS Paged Media, the basic standard for CSS typesetting, and related CSS specifications has been improved:

For detailed updates, see Vivliostyle.js changelog.

“CSS Paged Media implementation in Vivliostyle.js”

“CSS Paged Media implementation in Vivliostyle.js” was presented at the online event Vivliostyle User/Dev Meetup 2021 Spring (Japanese) on April 10, 2021. Please see the slides: