Event report of “Vivliostyle User/Dev meetup Spring 2021”

Event report of “Vivliostyle User/Dev meetup Spring 2021”

(The original article is 「Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2021春」開催報告 in Japanese)

On April 10th, we successfully held the 4th “Vivliostyle User/Dev meetup”. The slides and videos from the event, as well as the reactions on social media, are available on the following pages.

The videos for each presentation can be viewed below (the videos are also available on the Vivliostyle Foundation channel on YouTube. Please subscribe!)

  • [Japanese] 1. Opening Katsuhiro Ogata 2:41 movie
  • Part 1 Expanding World of CSS Typesetting
    • [Japanese] 2. Development of a Japanese typesetting system with powerful graphics capabilities Yuto Wada 25:44 movie
    • [Japanese] 3. Self-published authors’ expectations of Vivliostyle Saku Oga 8:41 movie
    • [English] 4. Introduction to the PrintCSS Playground and PrintCSS Cloud. Andreas Zettl 32:31 movie
  • Part 2 Vivliostyle Today
  • Part 3 Vivliostyle Future
    • [Japanese] 9. Implementing CSS Paged Media in Vivliostyle Core Shinyu Murakami 26:56 movie
    • [Japanese] 10. Hands-on with Vivliostyle Themes Yamasy 25:07 movie
    • [Japanese] 11. Proposed updates to Vivliostyle CLI Ayumu Takai 35:14 movie
    • [Japanese] 12. Development Discussion 33:48 movie
  • [Japanese] 13. Closing Shinyu Murakami 5:35 movie

We always invite people from outside the community to speak at our events. In the first part of this event, we heard valuable reports from Yuto Wada, Saku Oga, and Andreas Zettl. Yuto presented the new generation typesetting system “Twight”, which was adopted as the 2020 Mitou Program. Saku sharply criticized the current situation of Vivliostyle, which is difficult to master from a non-engineer. Andreas introduced his services, PrintCSS Playground and PrintCSS Cloud, which provide APIs for all the CSS typesetting engines in the world and allow you to switch between them and preview them at will. All of the presentations were wonderful and could only be heard at our events. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our next event is scheduled for October, and by that time, the highly anticipated web app, Vivliostyle Pub, will have finally made its appearance. Naturally, it will be featured prominently in the next event. Please wait for it!