CSS Typesetting

An open source project for a new typesetting system fitting for
digital and web publishing based on the latest web standard technology

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Want to make a book with CSS typesetting?

Vivliostyle Viewer loads HTML files from your browser, and Vivliostyle CLI loads HTML files from the command line, typesets them with CSS, and exports them to PDF.

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With Vivliostyle Pub, you can create printable PDF from your browser.

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Want to read EPUB or Web documents in your favorite style?

You can read EPUB, HTML or Web publications in Vivliostyle Viewer and use CSS to present it in your preferred style.

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What is the Vivliostyle project?

Vivliostyle is developing the following products.

    1. Vivliostyle Viewer

      Load HTML and display the typesetting results on the browser.

    2. Vivliostyle CLI

      Typesetting from command line and generate PDF.

    3. Vivliostyle Pub

      Enter markdown and you can see the typesetting results immediately (Now in alpha version)

Other libraries for developers include “Vivliostyle Core”, the core of the typesetting engine, and “Vivliostyle Print”, which embeds printing functionality into websites.

Help improve Vivliostyle

The Vivliostyle project discusses development matters on Slack. Please take a look. Click the button below for the development guide and documentation.

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Vivliostyle is an independent, open source project. Our project would not be able to continue its development without the support of backers. The current amount of support is $86.00 per month. Please consider helping us.

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