The Vivliostyle Project

Vivliostyle is an open source project for a new typesetting engine fitting for digital publishing = web publishing era based on web standard technology.

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About Vivliostyle Foundation

Our purpose is to promote the development, public release, and adoption of the open source typesetting software Vivliostyle which unifies the Web and publishing/printing world, so that the typesetting technique that has been cultivated throughout the history of printing is inherited and evolved on Web and digital publishing, and contribute to digitization of publishing indispensable for the advancement of academic, literary and informational communication around the world and improve accessibility. For this purpose, we carry out activities such as:

Vivliostyle Foundation
Established in August 2018

Shinyu Murakami (Representative Director, Vivliostyle Project Leader)
Florian Rivoal (Director, W3C CSS WG Invited Expert)
Johannes Wilm (Director, W3C Editing Taskforce Invited Expert)