We will hold "Vivliostyle User / Dev Meetup 2020 Spring"

(The original article is “CSS組版 Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2020春 を開催します” in Japanes)

What can we do during the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19)? After a lot of thought, we decided to speed up development. Therefore, the following “event will be held on april 4th.

CSS組版 Vivliostyle ユーザーと開発者の集い 2020春

Because of this situation, it is a dual event that enables a small number of people to participate in the venue, mainly by internet broadcasting. The URL will be announced on the above announcement page and on Twitter. Here are three points we would like to tell you.

  • User use report and new proposals for Vivliostyle.
  • New version changes and introduction of the new Vivliostyle family.
  • Report on “Vivliostyle Pub”, a free consumer service to be released later this year.

The pandemic won’t end so easily. But we can’t stop economic activity as long as we live. In other words, it is necessary to balance virus defense and economic activity.

And, the situation that the Internet becomes an important infrastructure more than before will continue including telework. For this reason, the Web should be easier to use than it is now.

One of the major challenges in Japan is the efficiency of document communication. That’s why Vivliostyle thought it shouldn’t stop developing.

Please participate in our event your way.