New FY2021 Activity Report Released

New FY2021 Activity Report Released

FY2021 Activity Report (April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022) is now available as follows.

As in previous years, you will be able to view it in A4 and variable sizes via the Vivliostyle Viewer, as well as in HTML, PDF, and source code, plus the Japanese version.

In FY2021, our fourth fiscal year, we were able to achieve a single-year surplus. We are still a long way from eliminating our accumulated deficits. However, we have finally taken that step. Chapter 1 reports on these financial results.

The reason for such a strong financial result is the smooth progress in the development of Vivliostyle products. Therefore, in Chapter 2, we summarized what kind of new functions have been implemented for each product. For Vivliostyle .js, Vivliostyle CLI, and Vivliostyle Pub, we will tell you the development status in an easy-to-understand manner by indicators such as the number of pull requests and commits. In particular, objective data will reveal the rapid development of the Vivliostyle Pub in preparation for the alpha release in April.

If you are a user of Vivliostyle products, you will find it interesting and informative. Please read it!