Vivliostyle version 2019.1.101 released!

We have released Vivliostyle version 2019.1.101.

(See the latest Vivliostyle Viewer, and User’s Guide)

This release includes the following improvements:

TOC (Table of Contents) navigation is now enabled

Support Web Publications and similar multi-HTML documents

Support loading documents from GitHub and some specific URLs

Publication title and individual HTML document title are now passed to viewer UI

‘env(pub-title)’ and ‘env(doc-title)’ environment variables for page headers with publication/document titles

Viewport-percentage length units: vw, vh, vi, vb, vmin, vmax, and page-size-percentage units pvw, pvh, pvi, pvb, pvmin, pvmax

Support CSS ‘calc()’ function

[Viewer UI] New “User Style Preferences” in the Settings panel

[Viewer UI] Vivliostyle Viewer start page with document URL input and usage description

Render All Pages (On/Off) setting

Enabled ‘vivliostyle’ media type by default

Other changes

For more details, see Release Notes.