Vivliostyle version 2019.8.100 released! Now written in TypeScript

We have released Vivliostyle version 2019.8.100.

(See the latest Vivliostyle Viewer, and User’s Guide)

Vivliostyle.js source code is now written in TypeScript

Vivliostyle.js started out as a fork of the EPUB Adaptive Layout implementation developed around 2013 by Peter Sorotokin at Google. The original code was written in JavaScript (ES5) with type annotation for the Closure Compiler, and Vivliostyle.js, whose main developer was Toru Kawakubo now at Trim-marks Inc., continued being developed in the same way.

Since the ES5 JavaScript style is old and hard to maintain, we decided to migrate to TypeScript. This migration to TypeScript has now been finished. [#536]

We hope the new TypeScript code will encourage people to contribute to the open source Vivliostyle development.

For development, see the Development document.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Build scripts reworked for TypeScript source code
    • Transpile to multiple targets, lib/vivliostyle.min.js for ES2018 and lib/vivliostyle-es5.min.js for ES5. [#538]
  • Resources such as UA stylesheets are no longer downloaded separately [#537]
  • Remove large sample files from the download package and the npm package [5c3becac] [245c9e7d]
    • The download package ( size was 6.8MB and now reduced to 1.4MB.
    • Vivliostyle sample files are moved from vivliostyle.js to vivliostyle_doc repository.
  • Fix error “Failed to fetch a source document” with web publications on Microsoft Edge [1ed01afc]
  • Fix error “empty response for EPUB OPF” on some web servers that don’t know the MIME type for .opf [db8e9bcb]

Previous Releases Summary

For more details, see Release Notes.