Vivliostyle version 2019.1.103 released!

We have released Vivliostyle version 2019.1.103.

(See the latest Vivliostyle Viewer, and User’s Guide)

This is a bug fix version of 2019.1.101 release:

  • Fix problem that page background color is not painted in the bleed area
  • Fix problem that vw/vh units, calc(), -epubx-expr() are invalid on shorthand properties
  • Fix problem that env(doc-title) etc. doesn’t work when used as a part of the content property value list
  • Fix bug that TOC box is not properly generated when Adaptive Layout style sheet is used
  • Fix TOC box keyboard navigation: focus lost when closing a tree item without closing the sub tree items
  • Fix problem that resizing causes unexpected page move, first page to next
  • Fix problem that page spread is not centered properly when left/right page widths differ
  • Fix problem that the specified viewport size (e.g. fixed EPUB’s) causes wrong page resizing
  • Fix problem that large images may disappear when printing with zero page margin
  • Support color name rebeccapurple
  • [Viewer UI] Fix problem that the default page size auto is not respected when print to PDF
  • [Viewer UI] Fix userStyle CSS parsing and encoding problems
  • [Viewer UI] Change the order to hide the menu buttons on small screen
  • [Viewer UI] Adjust FontSize decrease/increase values effective on Text:Smaller/Larger buttons
  • [Viewer UI] Improve “fontSize” URL parameter: accept percent and fraction

For more details, see Release Notes.