Vivliostyle CLI has been majorly upgraded to v3

In our first entry of the year, “New Year’s Greetings and Updates on Vivliostyle”, we wrote that Vivliostyle CLI v3 was being prepared, and we are happy to announce that v3.0.0 was officially released on February 7!

As a major upgrade, includes many changes. Let’s list just some of a major new features:

  • Publications can now be customized using a vivliostyle.config.js configuration file
  • Vivliostyle Themes can now be specified as a style.
  • The following input formats are now also accepted:
    • “VFM”……Markdown enhanced for books.
    • “EPUB”……De facto format in e-books.
  • We support the following output format:

Of the above, @spring_raining, a contributor, made a short video about the configuration file, Vivliostyle Themes, and the build process using VFM. The video is shown at the beginning of this entry. Here is a detailed timeline of the video:

  1. Overview of the work. (to 0.01 sec.)
  2. Generate configuration files using a terminal. (to 0.02 sec.)
  3. Load the configuration file Vivliostyle.config.js. (to 0.12 sec.)
  4. Customize by overwriting the configuration files. (to 0.21 sec.)
  5. Using a terminal to load the style file. (Bunko Theme). (to 0.27 sec.)
  6. Use a terminal to read Markdown file, then build and output PDF file. (to 0.47 sec.)
  7. Using Chromium to Preview Typesetting Results.(to 1.05 sec.)
  8. Export PDF file from Chromium. (to 1.15 sec.)

With the above mentioned upgrade to , the utility of the Vivliostyle CLI has been greatly improved. The CLI is a key component at the heart of Vivliostyle Pub, which we hope to release this year. Please stay tuned for Vivliostyle’s next step!

Postscript (2021/02/16)

“Vivliostyle CLI” has been added to “Documentation > User Guides”. This is an official guide that starts with installation and goes through each purpose in detail explaining its functionality. Please check it out!